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stained glass orchid_edited

stained glass orchid_edited

stained glass butterflies

stained glass butterflies

stained glass cactus

stained glass cactus

Stained glass students (1)_edited

Stained glass students (1)_edited

stained glass bird commission

stained glass bird commission

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stained glass beta fish_edited_edited

Stained Glass Tn River Panel (13)

Stained Glass Tn River Panel (13)

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Stained Glass Tn River Panel (10)_edited



To sign up for classes, call us at 423-892-3072 or email us at 

Private Class Bookings Available

Try-It-Out Stained Glass 3 hr Workshop

Beginners Copper Foil

Next Beginners Copper Foil Class Starts:
TBA - No Current Schedule
(4 weeks)

Beginner's Stained Glass

Copper Foil

Students will complete one 8x10 window hanging project in stained glass. Class covers a comprehensive overview of the art form along with personalized hands on instruction in glass cutting, pattern use, tools of the trade, copper foil and lead came techniques, soldering and finishing.

Intermediate students are welcome, and will complete one medium sized project of their choice, based on their own comfort/skill level, in the copper foil method. Call for info.

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One Day Workshop
-Copper Foil-

The perfect place to start for those who are complete beginners in glass! 

$55 per person

March 8, 1-4pm
*can also be scheduled as a private class for groups or individuals!*
12:00-3:00 or 1:00-4:00 pm

3 Hour Workshop

Stained Glass Copper Foil


Curious about making stained glass?

Here's your chance to give it a shot in this easy, fun, 3 hour workshop. Make a small hanging ornament or suncatcher in the copper foil method. All tools and materials are provided for this class.
If you can't get enough, join us again and schedule your own six hour session to make a larger project! Call for details.

*Call for details to schedule an individual or private group class on your own date and time! Can be scheduled as a make-and sip class with BYOB. 

Call 423-892-3072 to speak with Summer Harrison, Studio Director

Lead Came 

Intermediate level lead came classes are available for anyone with prior stained glass experience! We will create one hanging lead came panel in the class. 

5 weeks, 5:30-7:30

$135 per person

Next Lead Came Class Starts:

 TBA - no current schedule 
(5:00-7:00pm, 5 weeks)


Intro to Lead Came Panels


Cost: $135 per person + cost of tools/materials

A lead came class for beginners - at an intermediate level in glass (must have glass cutting/fitting experience). Students will complete one stained glass lead came panel approximately 9x14 size. 
Learn the "ins-and-outs" of basic lead came technique- easy to apply to future projects of any size! This class is a great way to round out your stained glass education beyond the limits of copper foil. 
See below for lead came patterns. Lead came for project is included, glass is not- so bring glass with you on first night or buy in the studio. The size of your piece will be approx legal paper size.
Use the patterns below to choose your glass!

INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS - those returning to lead came at an intermediate level may choose -or design- their own pattern for the class based on your own skill/comfort level.

Lead came pattern options .png

Commissions and Restoration


We can create an original stained glass piece just for you! From sun-catchers to full doors and windows, we design and fabricate every panel in-house, with as much or little design involvement as the client desires. Call for an estimate today!


Full professional level conservation and restoration is available for aging and oxidized panels. Stained Glass Association of America standards for restoration are observed in our top level process. We also offer various other levels of partial restoration based on your needs.


Glass can be fragile, and breaks happen! If you have some glass that met an unfortunate demise, but is not aged enough to need a full restoration, we offer repairs for any glass type. Lead came, copper foil, lamps, 3D crafts and sun-catchers have all been in and out to see the glass doctor here!

Call Summer Harrison, Studio Director for more info on classes, commissions and restoration! (423)-892-3072