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Local Art Gallery

Would you like to become a Reflections Gallery Artist?
Scroll to the bottom for further instruction...

Artists currently on display in the Gallery:

Robert Banks - Stained Glass

Patricia Davis - Polymer Clay Jewelry

Richard Foster - Handmade Kaleidoscopes

Marshall Harris - Precious Metal and Gemstone Jewelry

Jeff Fulkerson - Silver and Stone Jewelry

Summer Harrison - Stained Glass

Loren Howard - Ceramics

Nathan Kilpatrick - Acrylic, Woodworking

Nadine Koski - Encaustic

Cindy McCashin - Acrylic 

Jane Newman - Oil

Robert Banks - Stained Glass

Sandra Paynter Washburn -  Jewelry

Tim West - Oil

Kathleen Greeson - Photography

Marguerite Anderson - Oil

Lisa Bohnwagner - Acrylic

Don Hill - Oils and Acrylics

Julie Turner - Acrylic



New to submissions? Here's what we are looking for….


  • Send us an email submission to: If you are unable to submit via email you will need to schedule an appointment to do so in person with gallery personnel. You may not bring work without an appointment.

  • In your email, tell us a little about yourself; where you’re from, your artistic history, etc. Include your full name and your mailing address as well as a phone number where we can reach you for questions or confirmation.

  • Attach up to 15 images of your artwork to the email, you can include separate styles or bodies of work that you have available. Consider sending bodies of work that are similar enough in style, theme, or color that they would present well on a wall together.  Please attach the image files instead of embedding them in your message. Only send works that are currently available for delivery to the gallery.

  • We do not accept website link only submissions, but you are welcome to include a website if you have one.

  • Be sure to include a list of all your attached images that lists the title, size (framed, outside dimension), medium and price of each piece.

  • If possible, try to name your images with the appropriate titles of the work before attaching to your email. Also try to attach images in the same order as your itemized list so that the order of the images in the email corresponds with the order of the list. These things help us clarify what piece we are looking at when reviewing a submission.

  • Your submission will be forwarded to an outside anonymous panel for review. When we receive confirmation of a selection we will then notify the artist of the requested works and a delivery and display date.

  • If you don’t hear back from us, please give us a call. Sometimes submissions may get missed in the spam email folder, so feel free to confirm that your email made it through.

Thanks for your submission, we look forward to working with you!

You may follow up with a phone call to us at  423-892-3072

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